Vision Check-Up

We can spend some time together clearing the fog that hinders your vision. We have our physical eyes that help us interpret the world but your mind’s eye has the power to create worlds & sometimes it’s hard to imagine the world we want to create when we’re unable to see with clarity.

You are a visionary. Every visionary needs the proper polishing & refinement in order to bring their dreams and ideas to life. I am here to help guide you on a journey through your imagination, through your mind’s eye, to make that process easier for you.

Through some simple steps of laying down, relaxing your mind, setting some intentions and exploring the visions you receive, we can wipe those eyes clean and come out of our experience together refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the next steps of our lives.

Bring 3 questions that you are currently boggling with, that you would like assistance in being answered, and I will guide you by receiving the answers through the visions that your spiritual eye presents to you. As you speak them out loud, your 45 minute session will be recorded for your own playback at a later time. We never know the useful & insightful information that can come through.

If you are interested in a vision check-up with me, feel free to book a session. 

"I feel centered. I feel a lot more connected to my intentionality & possibilities."

-Deji Adebimpe