The Last 48 Hours Have Been a Whirlwind

Its 2:02am the day of the Grand Opening, and I'm brushing up this site in order for it to look like it has some sort of decency and order lol. I hope it suffices and there's a few things you want to buy. 😁

I want to share how much of an overhaul opening an online store + preparing for a pop up shop simultaneously can be. 😩 I'm excited because I was invited as a vendor to the Cultural Marketplace in Encinitas, CA via a colleague on Facebook. About 2 weeks ago, I shared a "Coming Soon" post on my social media platforms and in the comments I seen the flyer. The Marketplace was dated for May 1st so I thought, why not pull both the online store opening while celebrate in a physical location as well. I didn't have an exact date for the online store opening yet, so this set me up to take more time to pull it together lol. But what do you do when you're not rolling in the dough to purchase 50-60 items of stock to have at your pop up? You improvise & be creative. 😉 I decided to create the space under my tent with the intention for it be a display case of the products that are for sale. My goal is for potential consumers to be drawn to my tent for an aesthetic, appeal and of course a purchase (or two, or three). I'll be sure to create another blog showing the exact layout I decided to do and share how my overall experience was at the Marketplace.

Between one shipment of samples not making it to me in time, to my lack of understanding of point of sale practices within the platform I'm using, to finding suitable transportation for travel...the release of this brand has been intense. These circumstances do no take away from the signs & wonders I've picked up on along the way to show me "IT'S ON LIKE POPCORN". 🍿

Thankfully, I have friends and a support system that is a huge blessing to help me navigate these new uncharted waters. Two friends are with me to help make today be as great as it's meant to be. I'm hopeful we will present Black Vibes in an engaging & unique way.

Looking forward to later today. Back to designing 😎.

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Feminine Package

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  • Learn how to use your body & feminine essence to feel comfortable in your posing & self-expression.
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